Our processes

Our company has been a leader in the sector for years and offers various almond processing techniques. Our product is unique in quality and taste, capable of capturing the essence of our land. Almond in shell or shelled, almond flour, grains, almond paste and much more. These are just some of the transformation processes applied at the Calafruse Almonds plant. The processing of almonds is for us a form of art, an articulated process that combines ancient knowledge with the modern technology in use, with the aim of obtaining a genuine finished product, without affecting the organoleptic characteristics typical of our local almonds.

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Our history

The history of the Calafruse Almond has remote origins which date back to the early twentieth century. The progenitor Paolo Calafiore born in November 1892, product broker by profession agricultural, gave rise to the almond trade in Solarino in province of Syracuse. The almond was shelled by hand by workers on the balconies, with stones and hammers they broke the shell from which the almond was separated.

In 1937 the processing began to be mechanized thanks to almond shelling machines. In 1964 by one of his sons, Calafiore Giuseppe, our company was born. In 1989 it was established Industria Lavorazione Mandorle a company that falls within the classification of Small and Medium Enterprises, is administered by Paolo Calafiore who thanks to the experience gained over three generations from which has inherited professionalism and skills in processing and trade of the almond.

In 1998 the company entered the organic market obtaining the authorization according to the EEC 2092/91 regulations from the body of control QC & I International service. In 2001 the company is renewed thanks to Paolo’s two sons and his wife: Giuseppe takes care of marketing, Vincenzo of production and quality e Mrs. Giuseppa takes care of the administration.

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Bio natural

100% Biological

Our product is certified according to the EEC Regulation N.834 / 2007 and the EEC Reg. 889/208 Da Suolo e Salute srl (our operator code: IT BIO 004 N. 19-17254). The term indicates a cultivation method that only allows the use of natural substances, that is present in nature, excluding the use of chemical synthesis substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). Organic farming means developing a production model that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources, in particular of the soil, water and air, instead using these resources within a model that can last over time.